An Hobby

Creator: Anna Nasibyan
It all started in Yerevan in 2004...






Being inspired by her niece birth announcement cards,« AN Hobby »,creator for children, had the passion to createpostcardsand spread worldwide.Each of them finds his receiver.
Granted with other talents,« AN Hobby » also triestocreatetoys,decorations andvarious accessories. All products are 100% handmade and designed in the workshop ofthe designerfor whom thequality of the materialsis a priority.
As an animator ina kid’s art center, she also has a hugeworking experiencewithchildren. Any contactwith them,is a newsource of inspiration.« AN Hobby » is trying to see the world throughthe kid’s eyes–colorful, sincere andnaive.
« AN Hobby »’screations touchboth young and oldpeople as well, still keeping the spiritof a childhood.

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