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Tour Delice is an Armenian company which represents luxury holidays in the Armenian travel industry. The company was created in 2004 and at present it has 12 employees.
Throughout the 12 years of existence in business we have established an excellent relationship with our suppliers and clients who thoroughly trust us to provide the highest quality service which is delivered on time, every time.
Therefore, our interpretation of a luxury travel could be described as having the confidence to filter out and the ability to create bespoke, edited experiences by bringing together the very finest ones, in much the same way a top art curator picks his finest pictures to create a truly memorable art exhibition.
Along the same lines, exceptional service can be viewed as an art of a clever choreography – transporting travellers through their experience by selecting and filtering out the best ones for the individual. Hence, it is our perception that the holiday should be perfectly constructed and the service unobtrusive, thus allowing consumers to completely immerse themselves in the aforesaid experience.
Alongside, we also have a private Club Delice with a terazza and a pool offering our customers an unrivalled service. This year we have opened a restaurant near our agency serving European cuisine.
We carry out continuous collaboration with luxury hotels, cruise companies, tour operators worldwide. We have both individual and corporate clients. Alongside with the services rendered, we also provide assistance when preparing visa documents,s moreover, we do organize meetings and conferences.
The travel agency “Tour Delice” is the site coordinator of We have created a unified information platform which unites all tourist resources in Armenia and establishes unique opportunity to promote the tourism industry in our country. The Prime Minister of Armenia nominated our site as the Best Brand 2015.
2. Tour Delice Travel Agency - a team of professionals highly specialized in providing Luxury Tourism. Our aim is to provide a benchmark for authentic luxury travels, and create an ideal setting to enjoy experiences that will exceed expectations.
In general terms, under the concept ‘luxury tourism’ the following particular niche markets can be included:
1. Accommodation at all inclusive luxury 5 star hotel suites and resorts
2. Cruise ship travels
3. Travels involving luxury shopping
4. Unique, customized and personalized tours with authentic experience
5. Golf tourism
6. Private jet journeys
7. Extreme experience tourism, such as deep ocean tourism, space tourism, undiscovered destinations tours (Antarctica, Greenland, Iceland)
8. Personalized yacht and boat tours, river cruises
9. Mini indulgencies, such as VIP airport services

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Address: Yerevan, 21 Baghramyan Ave.