From January 2006, the official representative of Hyundai Motor Company in Armenia is “Magas Invest”. During 2 years the company purchased a lot of consumers. The main progress is the fact that the “Hyundai” car sales went up by a factor of eight during two years. Due to trust relationship of Korean partners and the growing interest of Armenian users, the company “Magas Invest” will fix his place in automobile business and ,of course, the relations with its consumers. There is auto repair servicing within the salon. Here serve high qualified workers. They have passed their studies and qualification in South Korea. We do any work connecting with any Hyundai model. The car repair servicing contains all kinds of spare parts, and the latter will make any repair process as soon as possible.
Also there is spare parts shop within the salon, where you can find any spare part and accessory of Hyundai. And so, while you are walking along the salon or are drinking a cup of coffee in our cozy café, you car will be ready to overcome any way!   

Balancing adjustment
Undercarriage repairing
Thyuning and so on

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