Avenue des Fleurs

"Avenue des Fleurs" Flower and gift shop– it is a special world of flower harmony where the peculiar aura of wonderful and exquisite world of flowers is ruling. “Avenue des Fleurs” offers elite bunches of flowers, exquisite compositions and different accessories, as well as presents, souvenirs and original items of the interior from the latest floristic exhibitions of Holland. Flowers and accessories are delivered to the store from Holland and the best caterers of Europe. The salon works for 24 hours, therefore, after ordering flowers or presents in “Avenue des Fleurs” they will be delivered any time suitable for you. In “Avenue des Fleurs” each customer will find exactly the thing he needed: floristic works to the most refined taste, compositions, bunches, arrangements, gift baskets, flower compositions, immortelle compositions and so on. Bunches and compositions are made in the presence of the customer on the demonstration table, his wishes, occasion for a gift or a bunch are always taken into account. That is why people who are presented with flowers or gifts from “Avenue des Fleurs” always enjoy them. “Avenue des Fleurs” employees are professional florists and designers, who got a special education at international floristic schools, had training courses in Europe with the best masters of floristic; they always make use of the latest tendencies in the world of flowers. That is why all the bunches and compositions, represented in “Avenue des Fleurs” are exclusive and they have their own authors. No limitations on sort composition of the flowers, any shapes and colors; each detail is thought over: from the color and the size of leaves to the fragrance of each flower.

24 hour delivery of flowers and presents about Yerevan
Flowers, bunches, compositions of natural and artificial flowers, baskets
Wedding attributes: bride’s bunch, groom's buttonhole, etc.
Decorative natural and artificial plants and trees
New Year trees (artificial) with an exclusive design (from Holland)
Attributes of interior-design that will accentuate your individuality
Landscape design, floristic design of the interior and exterior
“Avenue des Fleurs” also offers floristic decoration of festivities, wedding and anniversary ceremonies, parties, presentations. Our florists will adorn your office for any holiday, be it anniversary, New Year, or corporate party. We are ready to decorate a banquette hall or a private house, apartment, window of your store/ salon/ boutique. It is really important for us not only to discuss bunches and compositions with the florists, but also to share with you your thoughts and wishes which may come true very fancifully.

Tel: +37410-530374
Address: Yerevan, 50 Pushkin St., Tsitsernakaberd Highway, 3 Bld, 1st Floor (in the territory of "Dalma Garden Mall" trade center)