From the moment of establishment of the “Shahnazaryan” Wine and Brandy Factory in 2005 traditional Armenian brandy production successfully developed in the Parakarsky Wine and Brandy Factory. And in 2009 a new modern production complex was established in Egvard. This complex is equipped with highly technological equipment from one of the most up-to-date quality laboratories in Armenia. In April, 1999 a new Standard of The Republic of Armenia came into effect, it regulates the brandy production. The New Standards legislatively assigned the most important characteristics and organoleptic properties of this national beverage:
According to the regulations, brandy produced abroad from grape or grape spirits exported from Armenia can not be called Armenian. The same can be said about the brandy produced in Armenia from the imported spirits.
All brandy produced by the “Shahnazaryan” Wine and Brandy Factory is authentic and it maintains the image of “Armenian brandy”. Beverages are produced according to the classical technology with the use of such white grape sorts as Garandmak, Rkatsiteli, Mshali, Kangun. Maturation is fulfilled in casks of Caucasian oak. Blending is fulfilled only by pure spring water. Production and bottling takes place on the territory of the Republic of Armenia, where control quality is accomplished on each production step.

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