Bata (also known as Bata Shoe Organisation) was founded by Tomáš Baťa in 1894 in Zlin (today the Czech Republic). In its history Bata Company has sold more than 14 billion pairs of shoes and was awarded the Guinness. World Record as the "Largest Shoe Retailer and Manufacturer". Having retail presence in over 70 countries and production facilities in 26 countries Bata has been producing    shoes for customers for different ages and preferences always maintaining its core for quality and comfort. Nowdays, Bata estimates that it serves more than 1 million customers per day, employing over 40,000  people, operates more than 5,000 retail stores. 

Bata consist of two boutiques:
Bata Woman
Bata Man

Tel: +37410- 561951, +37460-377712
Address: Yerevan, 4/12 Babajanyan Ave., 8/1 Hyusisain Ave., Tsitsernakaberd Highway, 3 Building, 1st Floor (in the territory of "Dalma Garden Mall" trade center)