At Burcho

Working hours:  09:030-23:00






"At Burcho" high quality restaurant greet all visitors in itshospitable hall, where you are expected comfort, relax and great attention by our staff.Restaurant is not only fine dishes, physical pleasure, but also esthetic pleasure. The luxury hall, excellent service and welcoming atmosphere will be with you. “At Burcho” is not just an evidence of taste, but also greatness of taste.If you are a real gourmet, you will appear in a high qualityrestaurant, where nothing willbother you to try our special salads and meat dishes. “At Burcho” you can feel at home and maybe better: always feel calm, warm and convenient. Take the opportunity to visit our restaurant and have a pleasure. Make an event for you.

Type of cooking: Armenian Cuisine

The chief cook offers: Khinkali

Air conditioning | Groups accepted | Wi-Fi | Music

Number of seats in Restaurant: 60 seats
Compartments:  3
Seats in compartments: 10 seats
VIP compartments: 20 seats

Menu languages:
Armenian | Russian | English | French

Modes of payment accepted
Arca | Visa | MasterCard are accepted
All the payments in cash are done in AMD

Telephone number:
+37460-545555, 098-266626, 099-266626, 010-545558
Address: Yerevan, Hr. Qochar 3 st,  Amiryan St. 3