Il Solo Gelato

The cafe is open every day from 10:00 to 00:00




Gelato, the Italian word for frozen is the name given to an ice cream-like frozen dessert composed mainly of milk, sugar, cream, and whatever ingredients the gelato is flavored with. This can be anything from fruit to chocolate, or more recently some less traditional flavors such as tiramisu or even bubblegum.

Type of cooking: Italian Cuisine

The chief cook offers: Mr. Nicol Ice cream

Menu Price: since 450 AMD /per person/

Services: Wi-Fi |  Air conditioner | Deliver

Number of seats:
Number of seats in  hall: 22 seats
Number of seats in summer hall: 30 seats

Menu language:
Armenian| English

Modes of payment accepted
Arca | Visa | MasterCard | Maestro are accepted
All the payments in cash are done in AMD

Telephone number: +37410-502602, +37455 268070
Address: Yerevan, 6 Hyusisayin Ave.