Tutti Frutti

The cafe is open every day from 11:00 to 23:00

Tutti Frutti children’s cafe presents 2 special offers.
First of all now in Tutti Frutti you can have dinner ordering two hot dishes, two salads and Coca-Cola, Sprite or Fanta and paying only 2500 AMD per person.
Secondly, if you celebrate your birthday in Tutti Frutti, and your bill exceeds the amount of 70.000 AMD then Tutti Frutti presents the person having his birthday with a huge balloon filled with a hundred small balloons (and all that falls on the head of that person), and a bottle of festive wine!
Tutti Frutti children’s cafe likes making pleasant surprises more than any other such place and there is so much color, joy and laughter in every surprise that if you visit Tutti Frutti once, you will certainly want to be back again and again. And this next surprise is children’s fourchettes organized for children and for their sake. And even if these fourchettes do not include wine and champagne, there is a big quantity of all kinds of juices and fruits served here.

Type of cooking: Armenian, Continental Cuisine 

The chief cook offers:  Child breaded cutlet called Tutti Frutti

Menu Price: since 500-5000 AMD /per person/

Air conditioner | Music

Number of seats:
Number of seats in1st hall: 60 seats
Number of seats in 2nd hall: 60 seats

Menu languages:
Russian | English | Armenian

Modes of payment accepted
Arca | Visa | MasterCard are accepted
All the payments in cash are done in AMD

Telephone number:
Address: Yerevan, 13 Sayat - Nova Ave.