Viva Cell MTS Armenia

Viva Cell phone numbers begin with +37493, +37494,+37477


Since the very beginning the VivaCell brand shined in Armenia with a clearly defined scope: to bring the world to Armenia and Armenia to the world. That was the commitment and the Company strives to achieve this every single day with state of the art services, features and products - all of which are offered by a newly co-branded VivaCell-MTS to the Armenian society. VivaCell-MTS spearheaded the development of the telecommunication sector in Armenia, and offered innovative mobile voice and data products and services, and tailored solutions for different market segments. Furthermore, excellent network coverage has always been the competitive advantage of VivaCell-MTS which has managed to roll-out and build a radio network in the entire country within a short period of time. Simultaneously, our company managed to build an extensive network of service centers across Armenia with the objective to come as close as possible to its subscribers. Our network provides a capacity to serve over 2.5 million subscribers.
On April 17, 2009, VivaCell-MTS announced the commercial launch of its state of the art 3G network. In the 3G network, the subscribers will be able to use all services currently available in VivaCell-MTS 2.5G network, as well as benefit from such innovative services as "Videocall" and high-speed mobile internet. In Armenia converged 2G/3.5G network was built using existing sites for mobile masts without termination or significant reconfiguration of GSM, a 2nd generation network. 


Tel.: +37410-568777, +374 93 568 777
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Fax: +37410-569222
Address: Yerevan 0015 4/1 Argishti Str.