Yerevan Municipality


The current mayor of Yerevan Taron Margaryan, was born in Yerevan, 17 April 1978. The mayor organizes his activity through deputy mayors, heads of administrative districts, mayor’s advisers, assistants, press secretary, and Yerevan City Hall staff.
The Museum of History of the city of Yerevan was founded in 1931.
Being subordinated to the communal department of the city council, it was initially called Communal Museum, and then starting 1936 it was renamed the Museum of History of the city of Yerevan. At the moment of its foundation the museum occupied one of rooms on the 2nd floor of the building of the fire department. In 1936 the museum was moved to the Blue Mosque (Gyoy-Jamy), where it functioned about 60 years.
In 1994-1997 the museum was located in the building of the girls' gymnasium Hripsimyan, and in 1997-2005 in the building of the secondary school N1 after Shahumyan.
In 2005 the museum settled in the newly built building of the City Hall of Yerevan, which represents an integrated architectural complex. Thus, after a long journey, substantially and firmly, deservedly and with full right, the museum settled in the new building, constructed according to the creative thought and talents of the architect Jim Torosyan: the building conforms to the fame and rich collection of the museum, collected values and the ancient history of the city.

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