The Ministry of Culture 

The Ministry of Culture is a republican body of executive power, developing the policy of the Government of Armenia in the sphere of culture.
Functions provided by the legislation of the RA Ministry of Culture are through the activities of the structural units and individual units (departments, divisions, agencies), 75 state non-profit organizations (theaters, concert halls, museums, libraries, educational institutions, etc.), SJSCs and state institution «The Office of the implementation of the programs».
The purpose of the ministry is to maintain and replenish the cultural heritage, promotion and development of contemporary art. In order to realize these goals in accordance with the legislation of the RA Ministry is developing drafts of legislation, targeted programs, strategies, concepts, and short-term development programs, which are being monitored, in which the importance is attached to the cooperation both with foreign governmental and international organizations, as well as the territorial administration and local governments, creative unions, NGOs, which have cultural orientation.
In accordance with the special emphasis that the RA places on governmental projects, the Ministry of Culture has produced a number of projects defining the RA's current policy in regards to culture. First and foremost is the newly revised «7.2.3. About accepting the Strategic Project for Eliminating Poverty Project» of the RA government, based on the previously accepted project, the «Strategic Project for Eliminating Poverty» (endorsed by the RA government on August 8, 2003). Along with it is the project «about asserting the RA Ministry of Culture's activity direction towards ensuring RA national security strategy» based on the earlier «National security strategy» (endorsed by the RA government on February 7, 2007, by NH-37-N decree), and the «RA government 2008-2012 project» (endorsed by the RA National Assembly on April 30, 2008). 


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