Ministry of Emergency Situations

In 1988, the earthquake of Spitak revealed many issues related to civil protection system in Armenia and became the main impetus of radical reorganization of that system and creating of Emergency Management Administration of RA Government. In 1991 the Emergency Management Administration was set up and Stepan Badalyan was appointed as Head of EMA. The CP headquarter with its all formations, which was acting in Armenia from 1961, in the end of 1991 has been put under the Emergency Management Administration. The Administration, in contrast to the narrow circle of the activites of civil protection in the past, accepted new, wide approach to the organization of the whole system from conceptual, professional and legal point of view, based on the possible occurence of large-scale disasters and accidents, their classificatioan and risk assessment.
Based on the decision No. 359 of RA Government from 1997 September 4, rapid response rescue team was set up, which main tasks were.

Telephone number: +37410-362015, +37410-317720, +37460-440230
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