Swimming Pool:
“Healthy soul in a healthy body” so were saying our ancestors. To have healthy body you need to do much sport, we are sure with this idea nobody will argu.
“ He can’t neither read , nor swim” so was called the person in Old Greece, who didn’t deserve to be called a citizen of country. As we can see in old times civilized people realized the importance and the  availability of swimming. The swimming pool is considered to be the indivisible part of health- improving program in the modern fitness clubs. In opinion of thousend women the swimming pool is considered to be the quickest and the most effective way of losing weight. Attending the swimming pool you acquire fit body, health, beauty and good mood.
The Cross sport complex is the unique in Armenia, which has two 25x14 m /closed, open/ swimming pools.The swimming pools are to use not only for the active rest of  the couples, as well for the medical aims. The filtering and the cleaning of the water is being done  24 hours with supermodern german technic. There are Café bars in the swimming pools. The sport complex has a sauna, where the temperature is about 75-135 degrees. Sports Complex “Cross” has a massage room and specialist with medical education work here.

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