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Zulum Grigoryan:
Zulum Grigoryan, People’s Artist of the Republic of Armenia, has so far spent his entire conscious life as a true artist; free and independent in his creation, weltanschauung and philosophy of life. In 1955, towards graduation from the Yerevan Institute of Fine Arts, Grigoryan chose the theme of the Genocide for his degree work, a composition in oil entitled “Days of Nightmare.” The theme of genocide haunts him through his biography… His paternal grandfather Haroutyun Grigoryan came from the village of Glegyozan in the Sassoon province, one of the centers of Armenian haiduk movement. His grandmother Margarit came from the village of Khas in the Mush valley. And his mother came from the city of Van. Only a few of their families survived the genocide. His father Hambardzum Grigoryan was twenty when he settled down in Krasnodar, Russia.
The theme of the Genocide has had an important place in the works of Zulum Grigoryan: patriotism prevailed in his early period. “Days of Nightmare” was the first in a series of nine compositions dedicated to the Genocide. It became the hallmark of the young artist, earning him a Cum Laude Diploma and membership in the Artists’ Union of the USSR within the same year of 1957. The series of Grigoryan’s patriotic paintings were subsequently augmented by “The citizens of Zeytoun” , “Apparition” , “The selfdefence of Zeytunians” , “Longing” , “It was Spring” , “The Daily bread” , “Three Generations” and “Justice” .
In 1962 a postcard was issued in Moscow with the painting "The Zeytountsis" and a caption: Dedicated to the heroic struggle of Western Armenians.
While recounting those ghastly days, he aspires to nudge people towards kindness, make them trust in reason and refrain from causing harm to a human being. The artist represents the great tragedy through pain and suffering, albeit no sniveling. Only a wise sense of entitlement gained through hard experience can make one believe that the world may become better, improve, that sanity may eventually triumph. “I do believe that the Genocide will be recognized, you may count on it. Every nation will recognize it and the world shall be cleansed.”
This is Zulum Grigoryan, an artist who attracts with his powerful vigor, shrewd and thoughtful attitude to this world and its affairs, kindheartedness and, finally, austerity that strives towards perfection.

Mushegh Grigoryan:
Mushegh Grigoryan was born on november 18 , 1960 in Yerevan , Armenia.
Since 1988 is a member of the Union of artists of Armenia.
Since 1985 has been participating in Republic and International exhibitions.
1987 - Moscow, 1987 Afganistan 1990 - Switzerland , 1992 - Syria , 2001 - EuroArt Barcelona, 2002 - Tokyo Arts Festival, 2002 - Barcelona Int Art Promotion:
Solo exhibitions .
1994, 1998, Yerevan, 2003 - Vienna, the Russian Cultural Institute, 2004 - Paris Cité des Arts, 2008 - Yerevan.
Was published in the "Millennium art guide" (Int art Promo.2003) catalog.
Has lots of works in private collections all over the world.

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