Sport Center is open every day from 08:00-00:00 

The fitness club consists of 3 parts: a gym, Vip sportshall and aerobics hall. The gym is supplied with necessary heart and power devices of modern Italian Runner and Oemmebi companies. The specialists' experience of many years and spacious sport-halls will help you to solve the problems both of your weight and health as fitness is necessary not only for being in a good shape but also for keeping healthy, which is more important. 
Aerobics is a perfect method for training your heart and respiration. It helps you to raise the endurance of your constitution, develops your coordination and incinirate the calories.
Step-aerobics. They would like to invite you to a program class with step-platforma. This program lets you lose as much as a running person does, but in this way you do it under nice music. 
Dance-aerobics. This is a type of aerobics in which elements of classic latino-american dance are used. This program helps you to have plasticity and gracefulness in the movements and have perfect bearing. 
Weight-lifting program. This program helps to strength all the muscles of your body. 
Yoga is the harmony of body and soul. 
Zumba fitness. This direction of fitness has come forth in 90s, in Columbia, the founder of which is choreograph Alberto Peres.

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