Karabagh Carpet

Since ancient times the Armenian Highland has been known as the cradle of Armenian carpet weaving. The Armenian people can trace a thousand year tradition in not only carpet weaving, but also many other branches of the applied arts.

In the Armenian Highland's Artsakh province the culture of Armenian handicrafts reached its highest levels, particularly in carpet weaving.

Artsakh is unique in Armenian carpet-weaving culture, creating rich and original designs. A fact that has been extensively researched and documented. Not only Armenian, but also foreign historians have written about the Artsakh carpet weaving tradition. The Artsakh region, it’s hardworking people, their occupations, lifestyle and culture, have been studied. Unique historical samples and materials have been preserved for future generations to appreciate this important and ancient carpet-weaving culture. The Artsakh carpet as creation and carpet-weaving as culture closely interwined with family life, in an inseparable way.

Every Armenian family had a carpet, not just as home furnishing, but also as a symbol of protection, safety, as well as an object of worship.

The Armenian carpet was used almost everywhere: at home, churches, and during different family and social events. Throughout history a carpet was the best and most precious gift for relatives, friends, and even for the kings of neighbor countries. Revered carpets created by Armenian women and girls were transferred from generation to generation.

The Armenian people's passion for arts and crafts, especially their endless love and reverence towards carpet-weaving, have created unique and exciting rugs, which are preserved in the best museums of the world.
All Armenian carpets, including the Nagorno-Karabakh carpets are known for their rich diversity of content.

For example, the dragon’s image on the carpet is explained by the fact that in ancient times the dragon was not the embodiment of evil forces, but expressed strength and power. Having carpets with similar imagery at home, people were trying to oppose evil and resist its forces, expelling those from their homes.

Being an indispensable occupation for the Artsakh people, they spread carpet-weaving throughout the region, as well as throughout the world. Of course, carpets are made in other countries, but the prevalence of unique Artsakh carpets within different countries is due to movements of the Artsakh people through the centuries.

Today the “Karabakh Carpet” company of the Artsakh Republic lives up to the best traditions and good reputation of Armenian carpet weaving, moving forward to present Armenian arts & crafts to the world, especially the best of Artsakh carpetry, woven with utmost commitment, the highest quality, and, most importantly, with love.

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