French University in Armenia

Founded: 2001
Departments: Commerce, Management, Law.
Languages of study: Armenian, French.

Fondation Université Française en Arménie is a French language higher educational institution in Armenia. The university is located on Davit Anhaght street at the Kanakerr-Zeytun district of Yerevan. Instruction is primarily in French and Armenian.
An agreement on cultural, scientific and technical collaboration was signed in 1995, November 4 between Armenia and France. This collaboration was followed by a protocol of 1998, November 23 which was concluded between Ministry of Education of RA and the Embassy of France in Armenia. The government of Armenia has its participation in the establishment of French University in Armenia Foundation (FUAF), taking into consideration the need to improve the educational system and fulfill its rich experience in higher and vocational education programs in the field.
From the outset FUAF has become the lighthouse of collaboration with France and the mainstay of Francophone in Armenia.
The pedagogic principle of granting two Armenian and French state diplomas, namely Bachelor’s Degree and Master’s Degree, was adopted from the beginning. The duration of studies in FUAF is four years in the Bachelor’s Degree, and two years in the Master’s Degree respectively, considering the peculiarities of the transition stage the Armenian universities are in before they entirely adopt the Bologna system.
The knowledge of French is not obligatory in entering the university. During the first two years of study the students not only cover public educational and professional subjects but also have intensive French classes as a result of which the knowledge gained in the course of studies is checked or assessed through an internationally recognized test. The further continuation of study is conditioned by the test results. Thus, 85% of students, who before entering the FUAF haven’t ever studied French, starting from the third year become capable of proceeding with their studies in French.
After having done their obligatory internship in France, Belgium or Armenia, students submit their graduation paper and orally defend it. The students in this respect demonstrate their capabilities both in formulating in writing their assignment accomplished and in defending their graduation thesis in French.
Among the advantages of this higher education institution, closely collaborating with Armenian and French organizations and French local self-government bodies, are entrance competition, French and Armenian teaching staff, the significant role of Armenian Diaspora, as well as institutional partners. Tuition fees are calculated in accordance with the standard of living of Armenia. The FUAF also provides scholarships of excellence to its best students, enabling them to fully or partially pay for their tuition fees, as well as those with social conditions owing to private donors or organizations.

Address:Yerevan, Davit Anhaghti St., 10