Armenian State Pedagogical University


Founded 1922
Departments: Philological Faculty,History and Jurisprudence,Biology, Chemistry,Geography,Mathematics, Physics,Informatics, Management, Art Education, Culture,
Languages of study: Armenian, Russian, English.

University has its own anthem, emblem, flag, “Khachatur Abovyan” and “ Pedagogical University” medals.
The governing body of the University is University Council.
The State Armenian Pedagogical University/ASPU/ is one of the oldest and largest universities in Armenia, which combines features of the classical Armenian education with all the dynamism of the ever-developing world educational continuum. The strong pedagogical traditions and consistency in education were passed from one generation to the next and were finally inherited by The State Armenian Pedagogical University. The university dates its creation to 1922 and is named after the Armenian writer and great pedagogist Khachatur Abovyan. ASPU is the most important center of pedagogical studies in the Republic of Armenia, which provides scientific methodological assistance to public schools, secondary professional and higher pedagogical educational and cultural establishments. Over the years, the university has been the workspace for outstanding scientists, academicians, and professors who initiated worldwide known scientific schools, thus making a valuable input in development of Armenian science.
- The Armenian State Pedagogical University trains teachers not only for the Republic of Armenia, but for the schools and cultural centers of Diaspora. 80% of Armenian teachers are the graduates of the University. The “Spyurq” scientific educational center of the University organizes courses for the teachers of the Republic of Armenia, Artsakh and those from Diaspora.
At present ASPU has over 14 000 students. The number of the regular academic staff of the University exceeds 1000, most of them with Degrees of Candidate or Doctor of Sciences.
Located in Yerevan it operates 10 faculties and 60 chairs. Education is implemented in 50 specializations of higher and post-graduate professional education, conferring the qualification degrees of a bachelor,master and researcher. Besides the degree programs,the University also offers extended educational courses by means of its faculties and a network of continuing education structures. The scope of specialization of the university includes all the main areas of pedagogy and culture represented by 49 Bachelor’s and 49 Master’s specializations in different aspects of subject oriented pedagogy offered by the following faculties:
• The Faculty of Philology
• The Faculty of History and Jurisprudence
• The Faculty of Pre-school, Primary and Special Education

17 Tigran Mets Ave., Yerevan


Address: 17 Tigran Mets Ave., Yerevan