Armenian State University of Economics

Founded: 1930
Departments: General Economics, Management, Finance and Accounting, Commerce and Marketing, Cybernetics.
Languages of study: Armenian, Russian, English.

Armenian State University of Economics (ASUE) is the only state economic university in Armenia which has rich history and provides high quality studies and research on economics.
The history of Armenian State University of Economics starts from 1930, and the University has been renamed for several times, undergone a long reorganization process and has always remained loyal to prepare highly-skilled specialists. The modern history of ASUE starts in 1975, Yerevan Institute of National Economy was established as a separate unit. Since 2006 the name of the institution has been Armenian State University of Economics.
More than 30.000 highly-skilled specialists have studied during the last decades at the University. Most of them are currently working in the spheres of economy, science, culture, education, etc.
In the 6 departments operating at the University there are 31 academic chairs. The academic and administrative staff of the University consists of more than 600 employees, and more than 7500 students are currently taking courses in 16 specialties and even more specializations at the University in their Bachelor’s, Master’s and PhD degree programs, both by full time and by correspondence. The University has its branches in Gyumri (established in 1997) and in Yeghegnadzor (2008).
The educational modernization problem is always in the centre of attention of the University Administration. The European Credit Transfer System (ECTS) is fully implemented in the University. The University has many partner universities in the world. Every year international conferences are held at the University. ASUE students’ life is well organized. Thanks to the University Students’ Council self-governing student life has been established at ASUE.
There is a resort camp located on the bank of the River Bldan in Dilijan which provides its staff and students’ rest.

Armenian State University of Economics offers the following Degree and non-degree programs to International Students:
Bachelor’s program (4 years)
• Bachelor’s in Management (Tourism Management Concentration)
• Bachelor’s in Accounting

Master’s program (2 years)
• Master’s of Business Administration (MBA)
• Master’s in Management Information Systems (MIS)
PHD studies (Aspirantura) (3 years)
Foundation Course (6 months)
• English
• Mathematics
• Armenian

Armenian Language Course (3 months)
For International students ASUE offers general Armenian language course and other courses of different levels, length, intensity and professional specialization parallel with bachelor’s and master’s programs depending on student’s aims and objectives.

Eligibility requirements for offered programs:
• Master’s
• Bachelor’s
• Foundation Course
Tuition and fees
• 1800 USD BA (per academic year)
• 2200 USD MA (per academic year)
• 3000 USD PhD (per academic year)
• 900 USD 6 month foundation course
• Armenian Language Course is equivalent of 540 USD (for 3 months)

Student dormitory of Armenian State University of Economics is near the University: it takes 10-15 minutes to get to the University.
Students are provided with comfortable rooms.
The rooms of the dormitory are intended for two and four students. There are bathrooms, kitchen equipped with electrical equipments on each floor of the dormitory.
There is a student cafeteria on the first floor of the dormitory.
The students can use the rest room, which is furnished with a TV and sofas. Monthly fee of per student for a room is 50 USD*
*** For daily exchange rate please visit official web site of Central Bank of the Republic of Armenia:
Considering adaptation issue of students it is obligatory for the first and second year students of Bachelor's program, the first year students of Master's program and students of Foundation course to live in the University's dormitory.
Visa Information
The applicant can obtain entry visa in the Embassy of Armenia in his/her respective country. The Embassy issues a single entry visa to the student. The student receives a Resident Card once in Armenia, free of charge. For more information visit:

Tel: +374 10 521720
Address: 128 Nalbandyan str., 0025 Yerevan, Armenia