Lila Spa

Spa Center is open every day from 10:00 to 19:00


The centre of health and beauty "Lila SPA" is a new, still unknown world where you can discover a real world of bliss and delight; no occasional meetings, annoying looks, stiff smiles and useless words. Here you can enhance the completeness of feelings. Here the warmth and care prevales over anything else. The institute of health and beauty "Lila SPA" is a unique salon for men and women, where body care and special attitude towards your soul becomes a real art. The highest quality standards of massages, modern procedures and the highest service level of SPA center, thе professionalism of the staff, atmosphere of calmness and silence – all this is directed to creating a unique harmony of your body and soul. Indian philosophy of “Seven chakras”: Ayurvedic massage, Shirodhara, the Abhyang's and Reyg's massages, massage with warm oils, the stone therapy, Thai massage, honey massage, accompanied by meditative music and aromatic candles, will remind you of the sweetest moments of your life. While taking a special care of your body beauty, you will be pleasantly surprised with an opportunity to be drawn into a "Chocolate Paradise" or "Grape Perfection"? Why not to enjoy a little of sun's warmth, which will make your skin look like a glamourous peach. "Lila SPA" will teach you to love your body and your appearance.

Cosmetology Services | Electrophoresis with Cosmetic Preparations | Electrical (Electrolysis)  | Light (Photoepilation) | Wax  | Face Lifting  | Facial Care with Antistress Masks  | Facial Care with Antiwrinkle Masks  | Facial Care with Deep Skin Moisturizing Masks | Make-Up  | Anti-Cellulite Massage | Body Wrapping in Spa-Jet Capsule  | Anti-Cellulite  | Body Wrapping in Spa-Jet Capsule  | Deep Skin Moisturizing  | Body Wrapping in Spa-Jet Capsule for Improvement of Skin Elasticity Body  | Wrapping in Spa-Jet Capsule for Toxin Removal  | Body Wrapping in Spa-Jet Capsule, Slimming |Honey Massage | Indian Ayurvedic Massage - Abhyanga | Indian Ayurvedic Massage - Shirodhara | Relaxing Massage with Essential Oils

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Fax: +37410-535714
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Address: Yerevan, 40 Pushkin St.