Ardani medical cosmetic center

Ardani medical cosmetic center offers the latest technology and new methods in a wide range of cosmetic services, procedures or prophylactic treatment of complex.

Our service has the following benefits:
You will eliminate the obvious problems, based on the specific characteristics of your skin.
Will be examined your skin type and feature and the story of the procedures.
We will refresh your skin, restore your natural beauty
Timely preventive care will allow you to avoid the more difficult problems. In such cases we usually offer lightweight and affordable treatments no complicating the real problem.

Acne treatment
For each client the course of treatment is compiled depending on the complexity and the type. Treatment is carried out by a dermatologist doctor. We consider that acne treatment should be guaranteed, in order to avoid duplication, as well as another important fact for us is right rehabilitation care after the treatment, which is also advice the doctor.

Atraumatic Microdermabrasion Skin cleaning
 The result is visible from the first procedure. This procedure prescribed for any type of skin.
Eliminates acne scars.

Injection works and mesotherapy injection works
 This procedure restores and deeply hydrates the skin, making it more smooth and elastic. It is considered to be the most convenient and effective method of skin rejuvenation.

Lifting RF (radiofrequency cast)
This procedure a few times accelerates collagen synthesis, which is one of the sureties of skin youth. The result is significant after the first procedure. The skin is significantly refreshed and stretches.

Ultrasonic cleaning
 This procedure is also ranked among the skin atraumatic methods. Refreshes and restores the skin's natural healthy color.

Facial and neck massage
Diagnosis and removal of skin various problems.

Microcurrent face and body.
This procedure stretches and strengthens the face skin, as well as contributes various parts of the body, stretching the skin and eliminating the cellulite.

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