The monthly “LUXURY ARMENIA” magazine is published in 3 000 – 3 500 copies and is being spread all over Armenia.“LUXURY” magazine is the brilliant guide to the luxury world, intended for the most exacting and tempted readers. Materials of regular sections and special articles of the magazine cover all aspects of the luxury lifestyle. “LUXURY” coverage is performed with the high competence, and the Editorial spares neither effort, nor time for constant studying of the truly luxury lifestyle. Along with all this, “LUXURY” magazine presents the exclusive interviews of the celebrity people all over the world and, of course, that of Armenia as well as the unique photo shoots with their participation. The arts and culture also are of the utter attention of “LUXURY”. In terms of design and printing the magazine is just perfect. Every issue has its own approach and ideas of design along with the exclusive style of “LUXURY” magazine. The original design is performed under the direct leadership of the founder of “LUXURY” magazine – designer Ernesto Marco. The magazine has its own site and the only one in Armenia dedicated to the luxury lifestyle, “LUXURY” news and events – “LUXURY” magazine has a very efficient ad campaign.70% of the numbers of copies is being given free of charge to the premium places visited by the target audience of the magazine. “LUXURY” magazine is also organizer of the charity and humanitarian project “The people of the Year” as well as luxury interior event “Luxe Interior Fair”. “LUXURY” magazine is the author and organizer of “Gentleman Private Club” and “Lady Private Club”. There also existed “LUXURY GEORGIA”, “LUXURY MOSCOW”, “LUXURY UAE” magazines that are distributed all over the mentioned regions.

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