In Vino

If you haven’t had the opportunity to taste excellent wines of French, Italian, Spanish production, or you are just a fan of good wine and want to talk and relax in the company of a loved one or friends over a glass of exquisite wine then "In Vino" is the perfect place for you. "In Vino" is a wine club – shop - bar, and is one of the most unique places in Yerevan. Here you will feel dizzy not only from the taste and aroma of the wine, but also from a variety of the latter. Selection of wine you can make from the large collection of wines from different countries, which is fully exposed in a small club. You will be pleasantly surprised by the prices.
The French say that white wines are created to quench the thirst, red - for pleasure, and pink - for love. And "In Vino" will help you to enjoy the best of them. Here you can drink wine with a variety of high-quality cheese and cold cuts, as well as encourage you to try sandwiches, which length you can define yourself. Communicate with the world of winemaking traditions and the art of wine in "In Vino".

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Address: Yerevan, Saryan 6 St