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If you have chosen our site you are interested in our offers. Briefly, about us. "YEREVAN CITY" SUPERMARKET CHAIN was founded in 2007. "Yerevan city" on the Rubinyants St., 15/5, was the first shopping center in Erevan.
The great interest in a high quality of service generated interest for opening the second, third and eventually the seventh supermarket "Erevan city. The main principles of our work are quality service and variety of offers.
"Yerevan City" is the largest supermarket chain in Yerevan. All facilities are presented in the shops for unimpeded movement of the customers. The vast area allows clients not interfere each other while shopping even оn holidays. Getting to the checkouts is comfortable even with large carts. There are also separate "express" checkouts.
The availability of separate sectors simplifies the process of choice. Customers are offered more than a dozen different products, and they make a decision associated not only with the brand, but with a price. There аre no fixed prices. On the contrary, there is constantly changing, flexible system of prices. "Half price", which operates during the day for different products, surprises our clients. Learn more about these promotions in our site.
Our "Bonus Club” already has several thousand members. That number includes our “Loyal” clients who occupy their pride of place. In the relevant section of the site you can find about privileges of our "Loyal Customers". With our new website the members of "Bonus Club" will be able to learn about the history of their cards, as well get information about existing vacancies or just become a member of a large family of "Yerevan city".

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