Mr. Gyros

The fast food is open every day from 10:00 to 24:00

Mr. Gyros is opened in Yerevan from 2009 and only during 1 year of its activity, due to its quality and right administration, Mr. Gyros could conquer a leading space in sphere of fast food in Armenia. Does the above sound Greek to you? Of course it does, after all it is pure Greek and it simply means that the "gyros" turns around. A "gyros" is a full turn and the verb "gyrizo" means "to rotate". In Greece, gyros is also a type of fast food. Gyros turns, cooks and becomes a sandwich for hungry passers-by.
Take a stroll around any town centre in Greece and you'll soon spot the Greek fast food outlets, souvlaki shops, cooking and selling gyros pitas and souvlaki to customers who walk on, enjoying their fast food in big, hasty bites. Of course some people prefer to sit at one of the few tables to enjoy their food in comfort, drink a beer and avoid getting grease on their clothes.
What is Greek gyros? Why, the well-known upright spit stacked with thin slices of pork that rotates slowly in front of the electric bars or, in rare cases, coals. The heat melts the fat, which drips from the bottom end of the spit, and the fat cone of meat becomes nicely brown and crunchy as it turns.
Sacks of chips are fried in nearby professional chip fryers, while the pita bread is basted in olive oil and heated on the grill. All these ingredients are part of the gyros you've just ordered.
They guarantee the high quality and delivery in due time all over Yerevan from 10:00 till 24:00:

Type of cooking: Greek Cuisine

The chief cook offers: Mr. Gyros shaurma

Menu Price: middle price 1500-5000 AMD /per person /

Air conditioning | Groups accepted | Wi-Fi | Music | No smoking section

Menu languages:
English | Armenian

Modes of payment accepted
Arca | Visa | MasterCard | Maestro | American Express are accepted
All the payments in cash are done in AMD

Contacts :
Telephone number : +37410- 202203, +37410-502233, +37410-702232, +37410-528322
Address:  Yerevan, 59/6 Komitas Av., 40 Tumanyan St., Dalma Garden Mall, 62 Teryan St.