Official representative in Armena: Tour Delice travel agency

SIM - Card, which is placed on your mobile phone while abroad.
Incoming calls - 135 countries - free!
Outgoing calls in Armenia from - 0,29$
Service area of the world - 193 countries
Validity period - Unlimited
Subscription fee – No

The cost of calls to the SIM card from Armenia:
Subscriber's Travel SIM card "GOODLINE" incoming calls in most countries of the world will be free. (Advanced view: «the cost of calls») The caller from Armenia or other countries calls on the international number (372 5Х ХХХ-ХХХ) are charged as international calls to mobile in Estonia. (Optional watch: «how to call a SIM card from Georgia») If you travel sim card "GOODLINE" service connected "Save your Armenian mobile number" , fee for an international call is not and your family can call on your regular number of ordinary Armenian standard rates (from 89 to 95 AMD/ min), and all incoming calls will be transferred to your SIM card "GOODLINE."

Rules for making an outgoing call:
International travel number SIM card is a mobile number GOODLINE Estonia: 372 5Х ХХХ-ХХХ.

Rules set by the stationary (home phone) Phone Number:
88* or 77 – 00 – 372 5Х ХХХ ХХХ
where *88*or 77 – 00 - access to international line
372 - code of Estonia, 5Х ХХХ-ХХХ phone number
Rules set by mobile phone: + 372 5Х ХХХ ХХХ

Telephone number: +37410-585094, +37410-585079
Address: Yerevan, 21 M.Baghramyan Ave. (Tour Delice travel agency)