Constitutional Court


The Constitutional Court of the Republic of Armenia is a judicial body which is separate and independent from the executive, the legislative and the judiciary branches of power. It is responsible for supervising the constitutionality of laws and other legislative instruments.
The Constitution of the Republic of Armenia promulgated by referendum on 5 July 1995 set up the Armenian Constitutional Court. The Law on the Constitutional Court was adopted by the National Assembly on 20 November 1995 and signed by the President of the Republic on 6 December 1995. On 5 and 6 February 1996 the members of the Constitutional Court were appointed and the Court began operating on 6 February 1996, when its members were sworn in before the National Assembly.
In 2005 Constitutional reforms took place in the Republic of Armenia (in 2005, November 27 the text of the RA Constitution (with the Amendments) was adopted by the referendum). The Amendments directly concerned the system of constitutional justice. Firstly, Article 93 of the Constitution enshrined: “The Constitutional Court shall administer the constitutional justice in the Republic of Armenia.” According to Article 94 of the Constitution “The powers, the procedures of formation and activities of the courts shall be defined by the Constitution and laws.“
As a result of the Constitutional Amendments the scope of the persons applying to the Constitutional Court, as well as the scope of the objects of the constitutional control, was substantially extended, the Institute of the Individual Constitutional Complaint was established in the Republic of Armenia (Article 100 Point 6 of the RA Constitution).

The Constitutional Court shall, in conformity with the procedure defined by law:

1) determine the compliance of the laws, resolutions of the National Assembly, decrees and orders of the President of the Republic, decisions of the Prime Minister and bodies of the local self government with the Constitution;
2) prior to the ratification of international treaties determine the compliance of the commitments stipulated therein with the Constitution;
3) resolve all disputes arising from the outcomes of referenda;
3.1) resolve all disputes arising from decisions adopted with regard to the elections of the President of the Republic and Deputies;
4) declare insurmountable or eliminated obstacles for a candidate for the President of the Republic;
5) provide a conclusion on the existence of grounds for impeaching the President of Republic;
6) provide a conclusion on the incapacity by the President to discharge his/her responsibilities;
7) provide a conclusion on terminating the power of a member of the Constitutional Court, detaining him/her, agreeing to involve him/her as an accused or instituting a court proceeding to subject him/her to administrative liability;
8) provide a conclusion on the grounds to discharge the head of community;
9) in cases prescribed by the law adopt a decision on suspending or prohibiting the activities of a political party.


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