31 of December 01-02 January - New Year /non-working days/
According to the legend, Hayk Nahapet defeated the forces of Babylonian tyrant Bel and initiated the future Armenian state and nation. It happened on August 11- that day was the New Year /Amanor/ for the ancient Armenians.
Main New Year events took place on both sides of the river Aratzani on the slope of Npat Mountain. King and queen with their suite and generals with their forces took part in celebrations. People from all the parts of Armenia came here. The main meaning of the Amanor celebrations wasn't just merriment, but also the union of the nation. Celebrations lasted several days.
Because of climatic differences of Armenia, in different parts of the country people made different dishes for the festal table. But everywhere there was one common ingredient: round wheat, grown only in Armenia. Our ancestors ate bread made of that wheat on Amanor, for pagan gods to make the coming year fertile.
Nowadays Amanor is also celebrated on August 11. The celebration takes place in pagan temple in Garni.