Bus voyage

Busvoyage LLC has dealt with tourist buses and mini-buses transportation for many years. Since 2001 the company has carried out activities in Armenian market of tourist and passenger transportation providing a rental service of European buses (30-51 seats), mini-buses (14-17 seats), cars (4-6 seats) for all destinations in Armenia and Karabakh. The transportation towards Georgia, Turkey and other European countries can be arranged by the request of customers. The company has a first class skilled drivers, holds a fleet consisted of modern vehicles produced by leading European companies, and is fairly reputed as a leading Armenian company in this sector of services. They cooperate with Armenian leading tourist companies as well as with local and international organizations.

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Telephone number:
+37410-541005, +37410541007
E mail: busvoyage@mail.ru
Website: www.busvoyage.am