Play City Game Club

Play City was founded in 2002 originally having the idea of various funny and safe entertainment services in Armenia having the basis of high-quality service, new technologies and unique resting place.
The only place in Armenia where you can find various services for your pastime and entertainment are gathered in one place.
Karting, Bowling, Buggy, Game Machines, 7D Cinema, Bumper-Car, Mini Golf, Paint Ball, Billiards, as well as restaurant, cafe-bar where you can organize your birthday, parties and corporative events.

The quantity of the cars is 15. Permissible age is 5 or more according to appropriate stature. They also offer children's karting school.
1-7 circle 1500 AMD
8-49 circle 1250 AMD
50 and more circles 1000 AMD
Length 1000m
Registered record 1:03minutes
Produced by Go-kart French company

Bowling lane belongs to American Brunswick company with 6 play tracks. Up to 6 person may play simultaneously on the same lane. There are special playing tracks for kids.
From Monday to Friday 12:00-18:00 6000 AMD an hour, and from 18:00-24:00 and on holidays and weekend 12000 AMD.

Game machines:
More then 40 game machines and attractions are at your disposal for any age and interest. Play, collect coupons and exchange them with gifts at corresponding price.
Tickets begin from 200 AMD

Paint Ball:
The minimal cartridge quantity is 30 per person.
1-499 cartridge 80 AMD
500-999 cartridge 70 AMD
1000 and more cartridges 60 AMD
Up to 10 person may play simultaneously

7D Cinema:
Film duration 4-12 minutes. 4 person can watch the film simultaneously. You can choose any from 15 films.

Bumper car:
6 cars may be in the play-field at the same time. The autodrome works with new technology without power supplying pillars.

Permissible age is 16 or more according to appropriate stature
1-7 circle 1500 AMD
8-49 circle 1250 AMD
50 and more circles 1000 AMD
Length 850 cm
The quantity of the cars is 15

Mini Golf:
Game duration is from 45 minutes to 1 hour, in case of completing all the 20 levels . Players with an unlimited number can play simultaneously.
2000 AMD a person.

There are two Russian and one America Billiards tables of American production.
1hour 3000 AMD.

E mail:
Address: Yerevan, 35 Acharyan St.