Izmirlian Medical Center

"St. Nerses the Great" Medical Center was registered on October 2002 and is a legal successor of the scientific research Institute of Proctology. Today Medical Center serves about 2000 patients annually.
Highly developed department of plasty and microsurgery, which include staff retrained in the USA and where contemporary equipment is placed and up to now remains the best developed and experienced in Armenia. Qualitative and reliable service in the department of intensive care (therapy) and anesthesia, which has been established and developed alongside with the department of plasty, as a consequence received not only material as well as professional assistance from the USA. The department of traumatology, orthopedics and sport surgery, where retrained in the USA operate on using present-day equipment and special tools. Laboratory department is supplied with present day equipment, which allows using almost all contemporary methods of laboratory diagnostics, including hormonic (hormonal) diagnostics. Due to proper equipment and presence of specialists makes actually "St. Nerses the Great" Medical Center the heart for a number of other institutions in Armenia. Just opened urology departement is run by one of the best specialists in this field in Armenia. Here complex restorative operations are fulfilled.

Department of Proctology
Consultative-diagnostic Departmnent
Department of Plasty (reconstructive, reparative) and microsurgery
Department of Pulmonology
Department of General and Laparascopic surgery
Department of intensive care (therapy) and anesthesia
Departmnnt of Urology
Department of Orthopedics and Sport surgery
Sleep Laboratory

Tel.: +37410-242024, +37410-244010
Fax: +37410-242023
Website: www.izmirlianmedicalcenter.com
Address: Yerevan, Hrachya Nersisyan St., Building 19